When I'm shopping and I add items to the cart, my stuff is not staying in the shopping cart. uses a cookie to keep track of the items added and removed from your shopping cart. You will need to enable your cookies in order to purchase from us. After you have modified your browser setting to accept cookies, you should be able to add items to your shopping cart and checkout. Here's how to change the settings on Internet Explorer and Netscape:

If you'd like to learn more about cookies and how they effect you, please visit Cookie central.

If I have a discount or promotion code, how do I use it?

During your checkout process you will have an opportunity to enter your code on the payment information page (where you add your credit card info).

I forgot my password, can you please send it to me?
If you have forgotten the password for your account, go to the Lost your password, enter your E-mail address in the box, click Submit, and a reset link valid for 30 minutes will be mailed to you. Click the link and you will be redirected to the Reset Password page.
What's my tracking number? uses imile/USPS/DHL/YANWEN/4PX/ARAMAX/YUN-Express/...., we provide you this tracking number up to order detail page when the item is shipped. You can  E-mail Customer Service if you did not receive a shipping number or have lost the one that was provided.

How can I check on the status of my Order?

You can find out your order information by E-mailing Customer Service. Order status information is not available online through our site at this time, however You can track pakages through with the tracking number we provide you.

Do you ship to all world?

Yes, we can send items to most countries. If u can not order ,ple send email to us.

Can I change or cancel an order after it's been submitted?

Orders are processed within a 48 hours after you submit the order to us. If you have any questions or would like to cancel your order, please contact us by email.

How do I Price Match a product on the Web?
To Price Match an item when you are ordering via the Web, simply email us the item, the price and where you saw this price (with the link to product on the competitor's website). It must be a Nationally advertised price from a reputable company. The item on the competitor's website must be in stock and offer a shipping window of less than 48 hours. We do not price match any items from auction websites such as eBay. If you are matching a price from a catalog or magazine, please include the issue.